NGO Transmission
FERC Tariff
Index of Customers (PDF Version)
Capacity Information
Available Capacity Report
Interruptible Service Report
No Notice Service Report
Gas Quality Standards
Index Based Capacity Release
Offer to Purchase Releasable Capacity
System Map
Master Locations List
Standards of Conduct Postings
Transmission Function Employees
Incidents of Disclosure
Potential Merger Partners
Voluntary Customer Disclosures
Affiliates with Marketing Function Employees
Employee Transfers
Chief Compliance Officer
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Tariff Waivers
Written Implementation Procedures
Contact Information
Postal Address:
NGO Transmission, Inc.
1500 Granville Road
P.O. Box 4970
Newark, Oh  43058-4970
Phone: 1-800-255-6815
Fax: 740-344-2054
Electronic Mail
President: Todd Ware
Chief Financial Officer: Pat McGonagle
Chief Operating Officer:Dan McVey
Control Center Manager: Ryan Wood
Operations Manager: Don Wheeler
Web Master: Scott Stitts